2022 More Than Fishing Surfperch Fishing Championship RULES & REGULATIONS

December 2 – 4, 2022


•    Create your own tournament video and post it on YouTube

•    You don’t need to catch a fish to qualify your video

•    Video content theme: “Community, Camaderie, Collaboration”
Create a video showing community, camaderie and/ or collaboration in the fishing.

•    Maximum video length: 3 minutes

•    Top 3 finalists will be selected and will be included in a public poll for voting. Highest amount of votes wins.

•    In the video title tag @ MoreThanFishing Channel and Hashtag #2022SPCvideoentry

Required Video Title:

(your video title) | @MoreThanFishing #2022SPCvideoentry

This is a competition that will be held completely online for three days.
Form a team of TWO people, film and submit your videos each day.
Individual competitors can also compete.

Winners are determined by the total length of the FIVE biggest surfperch catches. You do not have have to fish all three days but you and your teammate can to better your chances of winning!

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Saturday | November 19 | 11:59pm PST

•    Participants must obtain valid 2022 State Fishing License, see the following for more information https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Licensing

•    Participants under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent / guardian. Waiver forms/ parental consent must be signed before the tournament.

•    All participants must obey all State fishing regulations.

•    Maximum of Two Individuals on a Team.

•    Participants may fish in any location as long as it is within the current DFG regulations.

•    All participants must watch the online orientation. Zoom: Wednesday Nov 30, 2022 at 7:30pm. Each participant will receive an email of the Zoom link one day before the online orientation.

    •    All fish must be line-caught with the designated one (1) fishing rod and reel on a BAIT OR LURE

Qualified Surf Perch entry – MINIMUM SIZE OF 11 inches
Barred Surfperch
Redtail Surfperch
Calico Surfperch
Silver Surfperch
Walleye Surfperch
Rainbow Surfperch
Striped Surfperch
Rubberlip Seaperch

All fish MUST be filmed/video-ed ALIVE during the catch and release
with the following items / information before it can be counted as an entry:

Official MTF ID BADGE visible on video clip
Official MEASURING TAPE visible on video clip
Official ROD STICKER visible on video clip**
Say the FISHING CODE of the day in the video clip

Fish should be measured from tip of mouth to farthest tip of fin with its mouth closed.

**As of December 3, 2022, ROD STICKERS are now optional on your video entry**

  • FISHING CODE will be posted at morethanfishing.net at 7:00am PST. There will be different codes given on each day of the tournament.
  • Minimum size of 11 inches to be qualified for an entry.
  • Measurements will be measured by the greatest surpassed quarter inch.
  • If the fish caught was not measured correctly, (measuring tape flat on the ground underneath the fish), it will incur a 1/2″ deduction.
  • All qualifying video clip(s) must be UPLOADED or submitted at morethanfishing.net ON THE DAY the fish were caught and released. Any fish that were caught the day before will be automatically disqualified. Fishing code will determine when the fish were caught.
  • Uploading video(s) will be open from 7:00am – 7:00pm PST. No entries will be accepted after 7pm PST.
  • Teams do not have to fish all 3 days. Qualifier is to win by the biggest total length of 5 surfperch caught for the entire 3 days.
  • Teammates may fish in different locations and different times. For example, one will be fishing in California and the teammate will be fishing in Oregon.
  • Winners to be determined by the TOTAL length of all FIVE Surf Perch caught by the team at the last day of the tournament and will be declared the winning entries of the 2022 MTF TEAM SURF PERCH FISHING CHAMPIONSHIP.


  1. Winner will be determined by whomever submitted the LARGEST fish.
  2. If there is still a tie, (the largest fish are the same size), then the winner will be determined whomever submitted the largest fish first.
  • All decisions by the judges are final.

All competitors are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Anyone who violates the tournament rules will be automatically disqualified from this event and may be barred from participating in future More Than Fishing® events.

By registering to the 2022 MTF TEAM Surf Perch Fishing Championship, you agree to indemnify and defend More Than Fishing®, its owner and/or volunteers against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs which may, in any way, arise from your  participation in the More Than Fishing® Tournament.


Please email us at admin@morethanfishing.net if you have any questions!