ALON SURF ROD™ by More Than Fishing®


Model: COL323
•10 ft | 2 piece
• Medium fast action
• 1/3 – 2oz lure weight
• Featherweight Carbon Fiber blank
• Fuji K-Series Silicon Carbide (SiC) guides
• Fuji TVS Ergonomic Spinning Reel Seat
• 7.5 oz rod weight
• Custom MTF rubber butt cap
• Non-slip X-tube wrap handle
• Handle length: 17 inches

DESIGNED BY: Jun Quitain, Founder of More Than Fishing®


For the many years I’ve fished, I have had the opportunity to use cost effective rods to the most expensive that I could afford. I understood that each rod has its purpose and learned which features added value to my enjoyment in fishing.

Then one day, I asked myself, “What would I want in a surf rod? My own personalized rod?” I started to sketch and design; it took months and several trials. During my trial and error, re-adjusting and redesigning, I thought to myself, “I can create this rod not only for me, but to also for others who would want to experience a rod thoughtfully made by a fellow fisherman.

“ALON” means waves
in the native language of the Philippines.

I love rods that are very light but strong, dependable and durable. Aside from the love of fishing, I believe a fisherman must love the rod they use.

Jun Quitain, Alon Surf Rod Designer

When I was in the 3rd grade, I sat in the back of the classroom next to a large window that opens up to a small body of water. One day, I saw little fishes swimming around, so I tried to find a stick, made it into a makeshift rod, attached a string to it and sneakily started fishing through the window during class.

Jun Quitain, Alon Surf Rod Designer
Rubber Butt Cap custom designed with both More Than Fishing and Alon Rod Logo | Non-slip X-tube wrap handle
Featherweight Carbon Fiber Blank with 7.5 oz rod weight
Fuji K-Series Silicon Carbide (SiC) guides

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YouTube Fisherman Personality, Edward Tomilloso AKA Hook2Cook reviews the new Alon Surf Rod

The Alon Surf Rod is fantastic! Beautiful weight and balance and whips out the line terrifically. Perfect balance of strong rod power with great action and softness to cast extremely well.

Richard Sintchak
Fishing Experience: 45 years
The quality of the Alon Surf Rod is off the charts and it feels really nice in hand. Super lightweight. 
Well done.

The quality of the Alon Surf Rod is off the charts and it feels really nice in hand. Super lightweight.
Well done and Thanks!

Bo Ttorff
YouTube Personality and Chef, Taku Kondo of Outdoor Chef Life, uses and talks about the Alon Surf Rod