WIN RUNCL Winter Fishing Gloves!

If you are in need of new fishing gloves this winter, you are in for a treat!

If you watched my newest video, I used the RUNCL RAGUEL Winter Warm Fishing Gloves to fight the cold air as I wait for my awesome catch! Truly a great fishing apparel to have! Huge thanks to Yaner of RUNCL for providing another set of gloves so I will be giving away a new RUNCL RAGUEL Winter Warm Fishing Gloves to one lucky winner!

What I liked about this glove is that it not only kept my fingers warm, it is designed for, well, fishing!
First of, the palm area has an anti-slip material that would allow me to have a strong grip on my rod and reel. The overall material is a stretch-fit so I have a full range of motion whenever I need to cast, tie a knot, answer my phone when my wife calls…etc. And speaking of phones, this glove has a special material attached to the tip of the finger so that I can use my phone without exposing my fingers. And, if I need to use my bare fingers for tying intricate knots, changing baits or just also (again), use my phone, it has “hook and loop fasteners” on the middle finger, index and thumb.

If you would like to win a pair of these fantastic fishing gloves, there is no purchase necessary! Please fill out the entry form and wait for the announcement of the winner on the More Than Fishing website on Thursday, January 7 at 8:00pm. PST. Last day to enter to is also on Thursday, January 7 at 5:00pm PST.

I really think that this is a well-thought-out fishing gloves and I am happy that I can share them with our lucky winner!

-Jun, More Than Fishing

Update: Winner Selected! Congrats to Bob De Jesus!

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