A Captain’s Passion in Fishing

Captain Steve of Deadliest_Kast_Fishing, who also runs the Barbarossa Sport Fishing, has been successfully helping many Northern California anglers catch the most elusive white sturgeon in San Francisco Bay Area.  With over 35 years of fishing experience, hopeful anglers would have the best chance of catching with him!

Who is Captain Steve?

“I have always been into fishing as far back as I can remember. I have pictures of myself fishing when I was in diapers. I would always go fishing with my dad and grandfather as a kid. I would fish all over the San Francisco Bay. We would target salmon , striped bass , halibut , Dungeness crab and of course my favorite the very elusive white sturgeon. I have spent over 36 years fishing the San Francisco Bay.”

“My inspiration to be a charter captain for me brings me back to my childhood. From the lessons from my dad and grandfather to remembering the excitement of that first sturgeon , salmon , halibut , striper etc. it’s a rush that can’t be explained. So now helping my customers experience that with my help and knowledge of fishing is a reward in itself and has come full circle.”

65″ White Sturgeon weighing about 75lbs caught by YouTube personality, Outdoor Chef Life

What’s your most memorable moment with a client?

“That’s a tough one for me as they are all memorable in their own way. I have helped a lot of people catch their first fish. But I think the most memorable moment overall was when I was able to take my dad fishing again and show him how to fish my way. Using swimbaits for calico bass in Baja Mexico. And watching him catch a big Calico on his first cast. Now that for me was my proudest moment as a captain.”

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